Episode 0.2 - The DunJane Diaries


No, but really, what are we doing? Sit down with DM Jenna and editor Milly as we discuss some of the many trials and travails of making a D&D podcast.


The DunJane Diaries Transcript

Jenna: Hello and welcome to The DunJane Diaries. So this is a bonus episode for the podcast that we are about to release. If you're listening to this then hopefully you will continue to listen when the main podcast starts as well. Urm, so DunJanes is a D&D podcast, the DunJane Diaries are where me Jenna the Dungeon Master and

Milly: Me Milly! Who is the behind the scenes editor, composer, webmaster etc.

Jenna: Uh, this is where we're gonna talk a bit about what we do behind the scenes, any sort of issues and struggles that we have while we're playing and I guess any um, celebrations that we need to have as well. If anything goes real amazing. Um, at some...

Milly: I like that you live in hope.

Jenna: At some point we'll probably start some audience participation as well. This will be the place where we'll address any sort of questions or audience participation projects that we start.

Milly: I just had a terrible realisation that I've been nodding. You know how nodding goes like great audio.

Jenna: I mean, nod with sound right? You really need to really hit that chin on your like neck and just

Milly: Oh god no, I was thinking on the microphone just like that-

[Tapping on microphone]

Milly: That's me nodding.

Jenna: Um, so how did DunJanes come to be? That was the first question. We had a very, very professional meeting at a coffee shop yesterday.

Milly: In like a real coffee shop with real coffee.

Jenna: With coffee. Well, I had coffee. You had a very disappointing ginger muffin.

Milly: It was true. We don't speak of the ginger muffin.

Jenna: We live together in the same house, this is why it was a professional meeting because we went out. Uh, so my dear colleague Milly here, is obsessed with podcasts. Like you actually have no idea.

Milly: See I wanna be offended by that word but it's too accurate.

Jenna: Why would you be offended?

Milly: Go on.

Jenna: And I was like, 'you know what the next stage is Milly?'

Milly: The next stage is making a podcast yourself but then I was like 'I don't know anything I don't have anything to make a podcast about', which to me is like-

Jenna: We need a gimmick.

Milly: No reason to let that stop you


Jenna: We can make it happen. So then, I dunno, we were talking and we thought about D&D. I've been playing for a while now, well, I say a while. I mean a year which is not actually that long in D&D terms but yeah, and Milly has never played before, which is great interest in such things-

Milly: Yeah, so I was telling Jenna before we started recording, that like you know when you normally go on a website and you press a key and your computer auto-completes what it thinks that website is going to be. It used to be, there was a time, when I pressed f and it was like 'Ah! Facebook' Now I press f and it goes to the forgotten realms wiki, which is the D&D wiki, urm, which I'm like a little bit proud of but I feel like I should be publicly ashamed about. So yeah, I don't... I've never played.

Jenna: We're all about breaking down those like, social barriers that stop people talking about D&D. I mean, I think the public might actually be sick of us talking about D&D at this point.

Milly: They can actually turn off the podcast, not that I'm recommending they do.

Jenna: Oh no! I mean like, you know, people we actually know.

Milly: Oh, people we actually know in the real world! Yeah, it's harder. I mean, walk away tall, urm so yes, we decided to make DunJanes urm, and do you wanna talk about how we got our players?

Jenna: Urm, yeah I guess, so I'm a, I'm the dungeon master. Urm, I put an advert out on facebook um, for people. We didn't like specify anything except that beginners were incredibly welcome to play. And, It turns out that I've got a bunch of really awesome friends um, 'cause we...

[Tapping on the microphone]

Jenna: Oh! That was Milly nodding. First was Gretchen.

Milly: Yeah, I think that's right.

Jenna: With whom I work. I work in a library, she works in the basement, making sure that al of the, all of the ancient manuscripts are not too moist.

Milly: It's very important.

Jenna: And she was very excited. And Cal came round.

Milly: Yeah, I think and then Cal.

Jenna: She'a one of our other housemate's sisters and we were like 'Hey we're doing this thing' and she was like 'oooh' um and, and then Lizzi was like 'No, I'm not doing it!'


Jenna: So it just actually just happened to be all women and... one of things we really wanted to talk about during this was, we had our first character creation party um, just to get everyone started, let them roll their stats and everything. And one of the first questions that came up was... we're all girls, this is not a like, community that's necessarily famous for being nice to women.

Milly: Yah, especially, it's like all women who are doing D&D on the internet it's not good.

Jenna: And, we're noobs as well.

Milly: Yeah.

Jenna: So, you know.

Milly: I mean I will say we had a uh, very, very enthusiastic housemate who is male who would have loved to play with us but sadly is going back to the Netherlands.

Jenna: Say hi.

Milly: Actually this very, uh, enthusiastic housemate is like right near the microphone

Housemate: Hello!


Milly: Our housemate is Reinhardt from Overwatch.

[Big laugh]

Jenna: I don't even play Overwatch... but that was funny

Milly: It's ok. Thank you, I made a joke! Ahh! Um, cool, so actually I think I will maybe dive in a little here and talk about some of the stuff that I do. Um, because I kind of think of it like Jenna's job is to make like a really cool game and make like interesting story and my job is to take that story and make it podcastable in all of the ways. Um, so some of that is I've done a bunch of research, we're calling it research. I've listened to about ten podcasts in pretty good depth, uh, other D&D podcasts of various varieties um, and I've listened to like bits and bobs of other D&D podcasts so I've tried to really get a sense of what's out there and what I think is good um, what maybe could do with improvement uh, which is not to say that our podcast is gonna be perfect when it first starts...

Jenna: This is one of the reasons that you wont find and D&D podcast reviews on www.millyspodcasts.com and that's because she doesn't want to critique something that we are then gonna be in sort of competition with. I like to think of it as a community, we're not in competition with any other D&D podcasts and you will find lists of D&D podcasts on our website that you should go list to.. listen to as well as ours because.

Milly: Yeah, for sure. Um, so yeah I do  kinda that aspect of making it a podcast, I'm also responsible for uh, all the editing all the music, uh, I am the webmaster so all the bits and bobs that go into taking this conversation that we're having here and many other future conversations and making them hopefully interesting and fun to listen to. I am [laughs] uh, one of the other things that I do is kind of uh, like the stage manager shall we say, I think of it as herding cats. So my job is to message poor beleaguered players and be like 'So you know you still haven't told me about your proficiencies' [Laughs] to try to get everyone kind of nudged in the direction of getting everything ready before the podcast has started. And on that note, I do think having listened to loads of other podcasts, that one thing we have done a bit differently is we've put a lot of preparation, like a stupid amount of preparation into it before we started um, which  is not to say that you have to do it that way. But like, I was listening to a D& D podcast the other day and one of the players said that she had made her sheet an hour ago. And I was like 'oh my friend...'

Jenna: We have literally been doing this for four months.

Milly: Yeah. We also have I think a pretty nice range of player, I mean I know that we are all female and maybe people will think  that that is an insufficient range but-

Jenna: Yeah, I think we've got a good well-balanced part. Um, when I first, when we first started talking about this I was like 'guys, guys just do what you want. Like choose a character that you identify with like that you're gonna be comfortable with. Don't worry about having a balanced party.' And then while drunk I was talking to a person about this and they were like 'you're stupid' [Milly laugh] and I was like 'fair' and they were like 'make sure you have a balanced party' and I was like '...fine.'

Milly: Uh, we did also have like a test game that we did and we had a good time but like man we did not talk to each other at all before we chose who we were going to be and... doors. I'm telling you doors were the worst, none of us knew how to open doors in any capacity. So I came as like the big half-orc fighter um, and I'm gonna say that I spent like eighty percent of my game smashing down doors.

Jenna: I mean, this is partly a DM flaw because there were so many doors.

Milly: I think that my half-elf should have been like 'fuck all of you guys' and just wandered off into the wide world, smashing doors as she went.

Jenna: You were an orc.

Milly: I was a half-orc.

Jenna: Yeah, you just said elf.

Milly: Oh! Uh.... redacted.

Jenna: When I went in to make the test game I was like 'Dudes, I'm planning DunJanes as well at this time so it's gonna be as simple as possible. It's gonna be a dungeon you're gonna have to get out of the fucking dungeon and like there will be monsters and there will be traps and there will be some puzzles and that will be it' and it turns out that actually that's really hard. Um, because you wind up with a lot of rooms where not very much happens um, and if you accidentally add all of your modifiers to your damage dice as well as your hit dice then uh, intellect of ours gets killed in one slash.

Milly: Maybe it was a really good slash! Did you ever think of that?

Jenna: Um, yeah! So going in to planning the DunJanes it was really good to get that experience under my belt. One of the things I think we kind of want to re-enforce with this podcast is that we are new um, and we will develop. And a lot of podcasts, even non-D&D podcasts, take a while to get off the ground and figure out what they're doing and we will undoubtedly be the same. Um, so please persevere with us. Uh, if you think that we are horrendous to begin with we will get better uh, hopefully you don't think we are horrendous to begin with that'd be awesome. I mean if we're like tellin' it right out the gate, awesome. Um, but yeah, things will develop. I will get better as a dungeon master uh, the players will get better at what they're doing, they'll get to know their characters along the way as well.

Milly: Yeah, I think that's definitely true. I'm sitting over here nodding again. Um, but I mean one of, I mean I will remain nameless what podcast this is but my very favourite D&D podcast I think took about thirty episodes to get good. I'm hoping it wont take us that long but I honestly almost gave up on it uh, because it was, it was real rough at the beginning. Um, so I think we're definitely expecting to learn as we go. Um, I will also say more boring practical things, yay! Um, that the website is live www.dunjanesanddragons.com um so if you wanna go have a look we definitely appreciate  feedback, of a friendlier variety is requested. Um, and that would be really great for us to just hear from new listeners, what do you like, what do you wish was there that kind of thing.

Jenna: Uh, we'll also eventually be on all of the social media, I think currently Instagram's the only one that's live?

Milly: Yeah. That is true.

Jenna: Uh, but everything will eventually be Dungeons dot and dot... DunJanes dot and dot dragons uh, and hashtag DunJanes and Dragons as well-balanced.

Milly: Uh, yeah the only other thing that's live currently is our soundcloud so you can hear all of our original, or in the case of Gretchen, semi-original uh, music.

Jenna: [Whispering] Please don't sue us.

Milly: It is a parody uh, one of the… [laugh] How do you end things Jenna?

Jenna: [still whispering] I don't know.

Milly: What now? Um, thank you for listening with your ears. Thank you uh, when we have a podcast you can rate and review it on iTunes, that's what the real podcasts say.

Jenna: Yeah, this is what we're told that you need.

Milly: Yeah.. do that.

Jenna: [Whisper] Reviews guys.

Milly: Can I just play us out with really like, chipper music so no-one will know that it kind of like died at the end?

Jenna: Yeah.

Milly: Ok sweet, that's the plan.

[some, like, chipper music]

Milly Lang