Episode 0.1 - Meet the DunJanes

Five DunJanes

Get to know the DunJanes! Who are the adventurers you're going to be following on the podcast?


Meet the DunJanes Transcript

Jenna: Hello and welcome to Meet the DunJanes, a bonus episode of the DunJanes and Dragons podcast. I'm Jenna your dungeon master. In this very short episode each of our characters are going to talk about themselves for about a minute. If you would rather learn about them during play then you can skip this episode and start with episode one.

[Music plays]

Lizzi: Hi, I'm Lizzi and I'm going to be playing Avi, our half-elven rogue.

[Avi's theme starts to play]

L as Avi: Hi, it's so nice to meet you, I'm Avi. Oh, that's a, that's a beautiful ring, can I just have a look at that? Hmm wow! It's be a shame if you lost that! Anyway, what do I do? Well, you could say I'm a thief but I don't think that's a very nice word. I prefer to say I 'give people a helping hand in mis-placing their belongings'. For example, one second it's in your pocket and hey! Maybe later it's in my rucksack?.. my rucksack, how did that happen? Normally this doesn't cause too many problems. Normally people don't come looking which is a good thing because it takes a lot to anger me but man, you do not wanna see me when I lose it, I do not know where to stop. But look, best not think about that. Me and you, we should get along just fine.

So at the moment I'm in a little bit of trouble. Let's say I 'borrowed' some things from a group of dwarves, maybe I shouldn't have, and I'm trying to stay away from the city, lie low. I guess there's only one other important thing you should know about me. Some time ago I lost something very important and I'm going to get it back.

Milly: Hey everybody! I am Milly and I am going to be playing Lil, who is a high elf druid. Um, so yeah!

[Lil's theme starts to play]

M as Lil: Hi, I'm Lil. I am a moon elf which is a type of High elf, if you didn't know. I have blue hair and alabaster skin which I think  means it's very shiny. That's weird so don't think too hard about it. I'm six feet tall which is really super, super, stupid tall if you're an elf but I'm only a-hundred-and-twenty-six pounds so there's not too much going on here. I am rocking that minus three strength! The operative word for me is definitely 'floof'. I'm born into  a family of fighters and they had high hopes I'd carry on the family tradition but it's never going to happen, that ship dun sailed. I've gone off in search of adventure, meaning and hedgehogs.

Cal:   Hello! My name is Cal and I'm playing Idi who's a human fighter.

[Idi's theme starts to play]

C as Idi: Hello, I'm Idirmil and I like nothing more than cutting people up with all my swords. I may not have much in the way of book smarts but I make up for that with my, one, two.. five, seven weapons! I have seven weapons on me at all times. My two swords, my two axes, my dagger, my bow [whisper] and my self. For a small amount of coin I'll get you where you need to be and I'll keep you safe on the way, especially if there's booze at the end of the journey. So long as you're not a total arsehole we'll definitely get along. Then we can drink mead, play cards and make merry! I'll drink you under the table and beat you at cards but, then I'll walk you home because I'm quite a nice person. I did used to be a soldier but I've been working as a sell-sword for quite a few years now just wandering around the place. Really, it's quite interesting. Meeting new people, drinking new meads, killing new bandits. My mother always told me 'look after your weapons, look after yourself and buy some good boots', so I've done all three.

Gretchen: Hi my name is Gretchen and I'll be playing T'Chad, the Tiefling bard. Anyway, here's Chosen One

[Chosen One starts to play]

G as T'Chad: Ladies, Gentlemen, everyone else. Wink. My name is T'Chad Noeliam T'armac. The first T is silent, the second one... it's not. I am the favoured only son of a secret Tiefling lute cult deep in the mountains, no you haven't heard of us we're pretty underground. But fear not, it is my job to spread the good news of our lutey demonic lord and saviour down below. My coming was foretold... and so is yours e-eyyyy wassup! And it is my first day out. My lute is my most prized possession, in fact it says so on my character sheet. Along with the fact that I am six foot tall because apparently that matters and that's uh, not including antlers. I also have long flowing hair, red skin and golden eyes. You know why? Because I'm fucking special. And it says I can have them in the player handbook. I have never experienced rejection because everyone loves me and I love everyone, especially you. Wink.

Jenna: Thank you for listening. If you've enjoyed this podcast please rate and review us on iTunes/apple podcast. Check us out on twitter Instagram and Facebook at dunjanes.and.dragons and our website www.dunjanesanddragons.com. Now that you've met the characters it's time to join them for their adventures, so see you again for episode one 'T'Chad Has Been... Drinking'.

Milly Lang