Notes on Criticism

So, this is a page most podcasts probably don't have. But we've put ourselves in a position where we're particularly vulnerable to criticism from angry people on the internet, and we want to address that head on. Some points to please consider before you come out swinging:

  • We are real people. Like, I know that can be hard to believe. The pictures you see of us are pictures of real humans, who are sometimes happy and sometimes sad and definitely screw things up on a regular basis. But we're all basically well-intentioned people, trying to make a good thing. Think about whether you would say the thing you're about to say to a real person.
  • We love to get constructive feedback. We want the podcast to be the best it can possibly be. However, constructive feedback is an art, and actually a really valuable skill to learn. Do you, for example, think our voices are too similar? "I can't tell you apart, so one of you should go die in a hole" is probably unlikely to get you very far, either here or in life. On the flip side, "I find it hard to tell Gretchen and Milly apart; it would be awesome if you guys could try to name the person who's speaking more often" is friendly and helpful, and gives us ideas for how to improve.
  • If your specific concern is that you find one or all of our voices annoying, please don't write us. We're sorry that this is a frustration for you, but it's also definitely a gender thing. There's a really great episode of This American Life on the subject, and it would be super cool if you had a listen to it.
  • You're welcome to tell us about rules we missed, but we intentionally don't follow them all. What makes for a good podcast isn't the same as what makes for a good in-person game. That having been said, it's absolutely possible we forgot something. So, when we inevitably tell you we ignored a rule on purpose, you can have fun trying to decide if it's all a cover-up or not.
  • Finally, in the immortal words of Lucio, why are you so angry? See the first bullet point. If you're living with a lot of frustration, shouting into the void in the hope that you'll hurt someone in the far away of the internet isn't a genuine solution to your problems.