About the Podcast

So, what's the deal?

The fundamental principle of DunJanes and Dragons is that it should be fun. We don't 100% know what we're doing all of the time, but that's not really the point. We're here to laugh and have a good time, and hopefully to entertain people along the way. We want to tell stories that are big and silly and exciting and badass and sometimes maybe a little sad. So, in that spirit, we don't really care if we missed a rule on page 1344 of the extended player's handbook.1 If it bothers you, you can make a compendium of every rule we break. Actually, if you go to all that trouble send it in. I'll probably post it on the website.

Wait, back up. What's D&D?

D&D (dungeons and dragons) is a tabletop roleplaying game, which is another way of saying that you sit at a table (or, like, on the ground or whatever — you do you) with some paper and dice and try to tell a story. Everyone tells the part of a single character except for the DM (dungeon master), who creates worlds for these characters to inhabit. What characters can do is given some boundaries (and a good bit of randomness) based on how the dice roll, in combination with the numbers on their character sheets.

You can find all the information on the internet if you want to know the rules. If you're newer to D&D, we have an extra bit at the end of each episode explaining a rule or idea we used in that episode.

Okay, continue backing up. What's a podcast?

Basically, podcasts are radio stories you can get on your smartphone or your computer (think NPR if you're in the US or Radio 4 if you're in the UK... sorry if you're in neither of those places). This has the great advantage that you can listen to whatever shows you want whenever you want. You can also go back and listen to the bits you missed. And the vast majority of podcasts (including ours) are free!

What's with the all-female D&D thing?

Though this may come as a surprise to people, we actually didn't set out with an all-female D&D game in mind. DM Jenna put out a call for players, and DunJanes was the result. We're really happy with it, and we think it makes for a nice dynamic and hopefully good listening, but it wasn't our explicit aim. It turns out we know a lot of cool ladies.

1 There is no 1400-page extended player's handbook. Stop your googling.